How to choose children’s shoes by size?

To determine the size of the shoe, put the baby on cardboard and use a pencil (hold it not at an angle, but straight) to trace the foot along the contour. Next, use a ruler to measure the distance from the uppermost point (this is usually the point at the thumb) to the lowest (near the heel).

Be sure to measure both legs. It happens that the child’s legs develop alternately and may vary slightly in length. If this is observed, take a larger value. Next, you need to take into account the allowance depending on the seasonality of the shoes. Orthopedists recommend adhering to the following values:

  • If you buy sneakers, sandals or sandals, then the allowance should not exceed 5-7 mm.
  • For demi-season pairs, an allowance in the range of 7-10 mm can be used.
  • When choosing winter boots or boots, you can add 1-1.5 cm to the foot length.

Types of women's shoes

Sports. Women’s shoes designed for sports and active life. Recently, models originally designed for gyms have moved into everyday wardrobes. For example, white sneakers are now worn even with classic suits and coats.

Household. These are casual and home shoes. The usual shoes, boots and slippers are all household models.

Special. Such women’s shoes are usually without heels, made specifically for employees of any industries. Usually these models are additionally sealed, equipped with special protection and parts.

Medical. It is used in medical institutions, usually made of rubber or plastic.

Age: Childish; Teenage; An adult. Material: Genuine leather; Textile; Artificial materials; Rubber; Wool. Openness:

Closed view. Usually these are women’s shoes with a high back and a fully closed instep.

Open view. Models with an open side, often without backs and with an open cape.

Types of women’s shoes for summer
types of women’s shoes.
Women’s shoes have a major division by season. Summer is considered an open variety of shoes and sandals, often made of genuine leather or textiles.

1. Sandals. These women’s shoes are the most common type for summer. Models with open heels and toes create the ventilation necessary in hot weather, allow you to harmoniously complement carefree feminine images. Sandals can be on a heel, platform or stiletto. They wear sandals on their bare feet, without tights.

2. Birkenstocks. Women’s shoes, which resemble orthopedic shoes, suddenly burst into the fashion charts a few years ago and took their first lines. These are sandals with an open heel, a wide sole and two wide straps. You can wear birkenstocks both in the city and on vacation, with dresses, shorts and trousers.

3. Mules. Women’s shoes with thin soles, open heel and closed toe. Mules look like clogs, but the main difference lies in the height of the sole or wedges. In addition, mules can be on a heel, not a wedge. A fully enclosed lift allows the mules to sit securely on the leg and not fall off when moving.

4. Espadrilles. Women’s shoes of Spanish peasants have become popular in recent years. Espadrilles are taken on vacation, worn to the beach and on the road. Such a model decorates the image, brings a carefree note to it. Classic models are produced on a flat rope sole.

5. Sandals. Women’s shoes with flat soles and thin straps. They wear sandals with any summer clothes. They allow you to create a relaxed image and not overload it with unnecessary details.

6. White sneakers. A hit of recent years. Sneakers and sneakers of universal white color have long been a part of women’s wardrobe. This type of summer shoes is worn to the office with pantsuits, worn with feminine dresses, classic coats, puffy tutu skirts. Still have questions, why do you need white sneakers?

7. Top siders. A type of shoe that was originally conceived for yachting. The white flat sole left no marks on the deck and dried quickly in case of getting wet. Now topsiders are made of suede, leather, textiles. They wear them without socks.

8. Clogs. Women’s shoes that look like mules, but have a massive wedge. The sole of the clogs is usually made of wood.

Types of winter shoes for women
1. Moon rovers. The model, originally created for snowboarding, smoothly moved into the wardrobe of the most avid fashionistas. Similar to astronauts’ ammunition, lunar rovers go well with down jackets and puffed jackets. Usually they are made of waterproof fabric, equipped with a high and non-slip sole, so they are suitable for active wear in winter. The second name of moon rovers is dutiki.

2. Shoes. These women’s shoes are recognized as the most versatile and for good reason. Models with low tread soles, with laces or zippers are well combined not only with trousers or jeans, but also with light floral dresses.

3. Boots. This is a type of high-top boots. Boots are made of natural or artificial leather, suede. They are made with a zipper or with an elastic insert at the back. Such women’s shoes are versatile in combination with any outerwear. Boots can be worn with down jackets, and with luxurious fur coats, and with coats.

4. Ugg boots. The recent popularity of ugg boots was easily explained. Flat-toed boots with a recognizable round nose and wide sole resemble felt boots and are therefore dear to the heart of those who are familiar with the charm of the Russian countryside. Ugg boots are made of lightweight materials, often suede or genuine leather. If you are going to wear them in early spring, make sure that this type of women’s shoes is waterproof. The first thaw can wet fashionable shoes.

5. Winter boots. Women’s shoes, which are leading in terms of sexuality, are boots. They are perfectly combined with long knitted sweaters and cardigans, complement luxury fur products well. But with fashionable puffed down jackets, boots also do not lose their seductive character and make the image memorable. It is better to choose this type of winter shoes with a small heel and a tread sole to avoid injury due to icy conditions.

Demi-season women’s shoes types of women’s shoes.
Autumn models are also pleasing with variety. Shoes, loafers, ankle boots allow you to change the image depending on the mood. And in the fall it changes often.

1. Oxfords. Classic lace-up shoes can be worn both to the office and to a party. This is the kind of shoe that makes any image saturated. Oxfords came to women from the men’s wardrobe. They are made of genuine leather, suede.

2. Brogues. This women’s shoes, reminiscent of oxfords, has one difference – perforation. It can be decorative or through. Brogues help to create a relaxed image. They are worn with pantsuits, dresses and skirts in the preppy style.

3. Loafers. Another universal option with its own character. Loafers have a resemblance to moccasins, but are more elegant due to the presence of a heel. Loafers are often decorated with suede tassels, decorative chains and beads. You can wear them with dresses or skirts, as well as with trousers and jeans.

4. Ankle boots. Boots with high or low heels that cover the ankle are often chosen for autumn or spring. Suede models look especially impressive. Ankle boots go well with coats, leather jackets. This is a universal women’s shoe, without which no wardrobe can do.

5. Half—boots are a kind of demi-season shoes that can reach to the ankle or just cover the foot. Half-boots can be on a heel or a wedge, fastened with a zipper or fixed on the leg with elastic inserts. This is also a universal, basic version of shoes, can be worn with any outerwear, dresses or skirts and trousers.

6. Boats. Elegant shoes with a thin stiletto or heel. Boats are the most classic option. They are worn with a classic wardrobe, with elegant dresses and narrowed trousers. You can often notice images with jeans and blouses. Especially brave girls wear pumps with sports overalls.

7. Chelsea. The same ankle boots, only without fasteners – with elastic inserts on the sides. Chelsea is made of genuine leather or suede. They complement the images well in the Western or boho style.

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